June 1, 2011


Jeff and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary on May 31st. We went to dinner at one of our favorite places - Kunkel's! It was so yummy and I dream about their food before I get there and then when I leave. After dinner we ran over to the mall to find Cambelle a "fancy" dress for graduation. We Jeff found a dress at Macy's and it's adorable. Then, we went to Victoria's Secret for a mini-shopping spree... don't think I'm scandalous... but Jeff got me a gift card there because I've been wearing nursing bras and I'm no longer nursing Kenna... sad? Isn't it? I needed help BAD. So, thank you to the lady at VS who was very patient with me while I tried on some new bras... and who ignored my "Ohhhs and Ahh's" in the dressing room... I forgot how nice it was to wear a bra that fit. 

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband and father I know. Thank you for loving me and for making me a better person. And thank you most of all for showing our girls what a Godly man looks like and I pray they find a man just like you one day. 

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  1. hey D! it was so good to catch up on your blog and how your family is doing. your girls are growing so fast! i can't believe kenna is almost one! i feel like you just had her! anyway, you look amazing and i'm so proud of you for running your first 5k! it's hard to stop once you start:o) happy late anniversary!